Thomas P.M. Barnett’s
Unparalleled View of the World

Acclaimed and best-selling author Thomas P.M. Barnett has written a new book, analyzing the current geopolitical landscape, unpacking the inevitable impacts of climate change and demographic collapse, and exploring humanity’s ambiguous and collective future.

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America’s New Map offers a dazzling collection of ideas and arguments united by compelling storytelling and Barnett’s thoughtful approach to the impact of past upon future.

The book is nutrient-rich and a pleasure to read.”

Ian Bremmer
Founder and President
Eurasia Group 

Looking at the great currents shaping our world, Barnett provides unique insights.

At once wise and provocative, America’s New Map forces us to open our eyes and think.”

Honorable William “Mac” Thornberry
Former Chair
House Armed Services Committee

Barnett is a strategic thinker who sees around corners.

Here he draws on his interdisciplinary strengths to paint a convincing picture of the world to come – and how America remains a pivotal superpower.”

Dr. Parag Khanna
Connectography and MOVE

Barnett has done it again.  America’s New Map is a creative and thought-provoking exploration of a world in accelerating transition – but with a clear strategic vision.

Like a graphic novel for futurists, it will make you think of things you hadn’t thought about before.”

Allison Stanger
Leng Professor of International Politics and Economics
Middlebury College

America’s New Map is an essential book for our world’s young leaders.

Barnett offers fresh and provocative course-changes for America so it might steer the 21st century toward prosperity and peace.”

Jerry Hultin
Former Under Secretary of the United States Navy

As a worldwide operator in the security space, Dr. Barnett’s concepts are highly relatable to my everyday experience.

Far more than an academic discussion, America’s New Map packs a realism and practicality that security practitioners in the field will immediately recognize and put to good use.”

scott massey
Organizational Operations Executive

Barnett’s ability to provide critical insight into America’s pacing security threats, as affected by demographics, climate change, political polarization, and more is superb.

No one ties these threads together better than him.”

Brigadier General Mark Kalin
Land Component Commander
Massachusetts Army National Guard

America’s New Map offers a new set of tools for visualizing the challenges US policymakers face over the next several decades.

Rising above the fray of today’s culture wars, Barnett alerts us to the long-term challenges to US global leadership.”

Robert Farley
Senior Lecturer, Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce
University of Kentucky

There is no more important book you can read to understand how America should confront climate change amidst great-power competition.

Far from doom and gloom, Barnett’s grand strategy plots a more prosperous future for America and the world.”

mark sharpe
Hogback Ventures, Inc.

A geostrategic cartographer of uncommon skill, Barnett eviscerates conventional wisdom on globalization’s past, present, and future.

America's New Map is a roadmap all Americans would be smart to follow.”

mark thompson
National Security Analyst
Project on Government Oversight

Humanity needs a new vision of the future if we are to navigate the looming challenges unleashed by globalization. Our current era demands new approaches, courageous ideas, and bold leadership. Barnett’s unique perspective and ideas will challenge your assumptions and beliefs, invite productive conversations about our national strategies, and inspire action among our leaders.

As global Temps rise, climate zones around the planet are shifting

This book is organized around seven throughlines— global truths that are inescapably pushing our planet down a certain range of paths. These inevitabilities must be confronted: climate change, demographic aging, the power of an ascendant global middle class, brand wars to win allegiance, and globalization’s consolidation along North-South lines.

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America’s New Map decodes the complexity of today's world by presenting data and straightforward stories about complex global dynamics. This book will be eminently useful to all audiences from enterprises to entrepreneurs and boardrooms to classrooms. It will help any leader parse through the world’s complexity, sift through widespread perceptions of chaos, and adjust their portfolios for decades to come.

Come mid century, we’re all going to be living in somebody’s world. America’s New Map explains how we make sure it’s the world we want.

Book illustration