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Options for engaging your audience

Keynote Speeches
Thomas will challenge your audience with thought-provoking and provocative ideas, capture their attention with his impassioned style and humor, and empower them with new perspectives and insights. In a typical speech, Thomas covers the book’s seven throughlines, giving your audience first-mover advantage.
Dive deeper into the topics most relevant to your audience during Thomas’ half- or full-day working session with your team. With Throughline, Thomas builds and delivers a custom-designed agenda, dynamic facilitation, and thought-provoking activities. Discuss your strategic priorities, develop ideas for core initiatives, or dive deep into the book’s content – while the conversation is captured through visual frameworks and live graphic facilitation.
A lightweight option, Thomas collaborates with your team on a regular basis over a fixed term – applying his insights, reflections, and analysis to your unique context and challenges.
Master Classes
Given the opportunity and time to learn about your organization, Thomas prepares a multi-stage presentation tailored to your realities. He works with your leaders to collaborate on defining the intended impact of this executive education.
Barnett is a strategic thinker who sees around corners. Here he draws on his interdisciplinary strengths to paint a convincing picture of the world to come -- and how America remains a pivotal superpower.”

Dr. Parag Khanna
Connectography, MOVE