New Map

Restoring Our Global Leadership in an Era of Climate Change and Demographic Collapse.


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Barnett's analysis of our geopolitical present and future is startling, innovative, and persuasive.  As always, he presents much that is commonly unknown and rearranges 'well known' things into patterns no other writer can create.

Students of history and strategy will find a depth of thinking and understanding that provides insight and motivates brainstorming.

Regardless of the reader’s prior experience, I recommend America's New Map as a rare, fantastic blend of history, strategy, and creativity in one cogent work.”

Carmi Zlotnik
President of Television
Legendary Entertainment

In boldly arguing for North-South integration, America’s New Map upends decades of conventional thinking on West-vs-East power struggles.

Barnett makes a compelling case for how America can prevail against rising great-power autocracies in a world experiencing rapid climate change.

This fascinating book deserves a lot of attention from across the political spectrum.”

Laurence C. Smith
Professor, Brown University
Author,The World in 2050

America’s New Map is another tour de force by Barnett.

This wide-ranging and provocative book analyzes the myriad challenges facing the U.S. with breathtaking originality and insight.

His strategic prescriptions are brilliantly pragmatic and promising.

As the world enters an uncertain era of technological revolution and geopolitical rivalry, we should all read this book for guidance and hope.”

Minxin Pei
Professor, Claremont McKenna College

America’s New Map is a remarkable piece of work – an inspirational and grounded manifesto for the next American Century.
In simple but powerful language, every chapter overflows with provocative ideas for dealing with globalization's successes and failures.

Barnett describes the pathways to a future where our nation can both heal and prosper.”

Chris Bellavita
Academic Programs Director
Center for Homeland Defense and Security

A brilliant, highly readable, and timely guide to what makes America great.

Barnett presents a compelling path to healing our nation with a challenge bigger than ourselves.

The best way to predict the future is to create it, and America’s New Map does both.”

Founder & CEO
McIndoe Risk Advisory

Barnett analyzes the throughlines of an inevitable future already bearing down on us.

This lucid and nuanced book empowers Americans to craft their own desired storylines for this century.

Every US policymaker should be paying attention to America’s New Map.”

david gartenstein-ross
Founder & CEO, Valens Global
Author, Enemies Near and Far

Barnett clearly lays out the interwoven threads of globalization's DNA across provocative essays that culminate in a decidedly hopeful view of our shared future.

America’s New Map details our Union’s vital – yet evolving – leadership role in driving peace, prosperity, and stability in an era of heightened superpower competition.

This is a must-read for anyone seeking to realistically address climate change’s unfolding.”

Stephen F. DeAngelis
President & CEO
Enterra Solutions, LLC & Massive Dynamics, LLC

A remarkable feat of clear, easy-to-read writing and striking imagery that spans the globe.

Barnett illuminates a north-south pathway to a bright future for America within globalization.

Forward-thinking policymakers and business leaders will relish this book, as it showcases how America can lead in the decades ahead.”

Daniel P. Forrester
Founder, THRUUE, Inc.
Author, Consider

Building on Pentagon’s New Map and its sequels, Barnett greatly expands our understanding of global dynamics in America’s New Map.

His clarion call for EU-style integration of the Americas in the face of five-headed superpower competition and climate-fueled migration pulls America out of its nostalgic doldrums and into a future it deserves.

Barnett convincingly urges America to burnish its brand and manifest its destiny.”

jeffrey itell
Former Senior Analyst, Special Inspector General,
Afghanistan Reconstruction

Dr. Barnett’s geopolitical analysis is always spot-on and drives tremendous clarity in strategic thinking.

As a corporate strategic planner in the commercial vehicle industry, I regularly refer to Barnett’s publications.

His ability to blend panoramic views of history and the future – coupled with granular insights rooted in economic, social, and geographical realities – makes his geopolitical prognostications highly effective and useful.

I recommend America’s New Map to anyone who cares about humanity and our planet.”

Sandeep Kar
Chief Strategy Officer
Noregon Systems